We are committed to constantly improving the impact that our business has on the world.

We are Carbon. 

Proudly Carbon. 


Some people have asked us, ‘Why the name?’.  


The answer is simple: carbon is the building block of life.  As an element, its properties vary dramatically; as a diamond, it is stable, solid and transparent; as graphite it is soft and flexible. These properties represent our strength, integrity and flexibility as a business.


However, we are not blind to the fact that carbon sourcing, usage and disposal has had a tragic impact on our planet. 


Reversing this damage is essential and urgent, which is why Carbon Underwriting supports investment in positive carbon initiatives for the future.   


We are honest, open and transparent in our acknowledgement that becoming a net- zero business will not happen overnight but we, as a team, are fully committed to this goal. 


We are working to understand our emissions as a business and continually monitor our carbon footprint so we can set practical science-based carbon reduction targets and take meaningful and sustainable actions.  


We strive for a positive impact on society and our planet, from the way we treat our customers and employees, the business partners and suppliers we choose to work with as well as the impact we have on our local communities. 


We are also working closely with our business partners to better understand their ESG transition plans so we can factor these into our underwriting decisions. 


We are proud to be Carbon.   A testament to the future of our planet which is evident in what we chose to do and not do; evident in the risks we chose to underwrite and not underwrite; and evident in the partners we choose to work with.


Find out more about our latest ESG initiatives below and if you have any questions about our ESG journey and the steps we are taking to put people and the communities in which we do business in, please contact us on

March 2023

Carbon Underwriting is proudly supporting Tree Aid’s work to help communities in Africa hardest hit by the effects of the climate crisis to grow themselves out of poverty. To support their work, we are planting the equivalent of one tree for every 10 policies ever sold – and hope to do so for many years to come.

Further information about Tree Aid can be found here
April 2023

We were excited to join the Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation (IICF) UK as an Affiliate Member in April 2023. As a socially responsible insurance provider, we strongly believe in supporting good causes and promoting ESG practices. Our affiliation with IICF UK presents us with a unique opportunity to be part of an industry-wide platform for charitable giving, and to collaborate with other like-minded businesses towards creating a positive impact in the lives of underserved communities. Through this partnership, we aim to support the development of a more sustainable and equitable industry, while also working towards our social impact and ESG goals.

Find out more about IICF
April 2023

One of our employees, Nav Dhuti, has formed a charity in India, Wise Elephant, for which, Carbon Underwriting are one of the biggest sponsors. The mission is to promote quality education in rural parts of India and make the next generation future ready. The initial goal is to support over 250 girls studying in rural schools in Punjab. Wise Elephant can also provide internship opportunities for girls at college level and are running seminars for parents and children in the village to talk about the importance of education, purpose in life and how parents can help children achieve their dreams.

Further information on Wise Elephant can be found here
June 2023

Calculating our carbon footprint up to the end of 2021 and offsetting with a donation to a cookstove project in Uganda. As part of our work in the area of carbon offsetting, we were delighted to make a donation in June 2022 to a cookstove project in Uganda which not only helps with carbon reduction, but also helps communities in Uganda by providing them with safer cooking options. This carbon offset project provides energy-efficient biomass cookstoves to communities all over the country which use considerably less fuel and therefore reduce the amount of air pollution and environmental degradation while saving greenhouse gas emissions.

Further information about this key project can be found here


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